About The Average Cook

The Average Cook is a blog with articles dedicated to helping the average person like you and me learn how to cook. It was founded by Jay Vin on June 2022.

The Average Cook Story

I, Jay, have loved eating food since the day I was born. I was always a fan of Gordon Ramsay! His shows such as Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen always kept me entertained.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a cook is “someone who prepares and cooks food,” while a chef is “a skilled and trained cook who works in a hotel or restaurant.” Well, I am certainly an amateur cook at best.

Cooking is something that I would not say I’m the best at. However, I do really enjoy all kinds of cooking shows. This made me realize that there have to be people out there similar to me – just an average cook.

Therefore, I made this website with the goal of sharing what I know about food. The act of cooking does not have to be hard. Let’s make it an enjoyable experience that allows us to cook good food for the rest of our lives.

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