Ahh..this has been what I considered my “now I’m an actual adult” food blog. I started my first cooking blog in college when I discovered I actually needed to cook to survive, but then I found a best friend who actually cooked amazing and fed me all the time so that blog went in the toilet. Now that I’ve entered my late twenties, I’ve realized cooking is enjoyable. I do it when I’m stressed, when I’m tired, when I feel loved, when I’m bored. I love sharing what I’ve made successfully and failed with anyone who’s not too scared to eat it. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes, I’m too scared to eat it which is how I know I found the right husband when he tells me “oh, it’s not bad” as I trash my entire plate. It’s been a road of discovery for me. Six months ago (can’t believe how fast time flies), I was told that I’m severely lactose intolerant. This pretty much explained my whole life now and I’ve had to venture on to this new lifestyle. I feel better and can say that it was much easier and cheaper to transition to than when they thought I needed to be gluten free.

A lot of my cooking style is influenced by my mother. She never cooked anything in the traditional way probably because we were all so picky. This made her cooking transform into this fusion of Vietnamese and American styles. She always told me we eat with our eyes first so if the plating is beautiful and the taste is mediocre then our mind will at least attempt to make us think it tastes good.

Enjoy my blog! I have now understood all the times my mom yelled at me about accurate measurements so use the ingredient measurements as suggestions. Trust your taste buds, venture off, and tweak it to make it your own. If it tastes good, shoot me a message so I can try it too 🙂