Agave Nectar Substitute : Our Top 7 List

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What are some agave nectar substitutes? There is plenty of agave syrup substitute that the market has to offer. Some are better than others.

Since it is a liquid sweetener, they are often used as a vegan substitute for honey. Just remember that these substitutes will not have the same levels of sugar content.

This does not usually cause an issue for regular people. However, those with diabetes have to be careful with how much sugar they take.

My girlfriend’s mom is diabetic and I know how important it is to watch how much sugar she eats. Eating too much may cause some life-changing problems.

Let us at The Average Cook go over some of the best options out there!

Agave Nectar Overview

So what exactly is a agave nectar? Well, since there is nectar in the word, you already know this is something sweet. They originate from South Africa and Mexico regions.

It is very similar to honey but has a thinner consistency and taste just as good.

The liquid sweetener comes from the agave plant. This is the kind of plant that will need to be grown for 7 to 14 years before you can use its leaves for the agave nectar. Doing it too soon will not allow for optimal sweetness.

After the leaves are cut and juices are retrieved, the next stage is the filtering process. This is especially important so that you do not drink or use any toxic juices. Then, the juice is heated and concentrated to give the final outcome of agave nectar.

Since agave nectar has very low GI, also known as glycemic index, they are a good option for those with diabetes.

However, please note that it is still 30% sweeter than sugar. So, do not use too much!


Since honey is the most similar to agave nectar, this is naturally the go-to substitute for it!

For those who are vegan, this will not be a good option because honey is not vegan. As this food is produced by insects, honey is by definition, not a vegan product.

Other than that, honey is a great alternative and really adds flavour to baking and cooking all kinds of food that require some sugar.

agave syrup substitute

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Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is also known as coconut palm sugar, named after the plant that it came from.

This type of agave syrup substitute is made from plant sap. it is collected and heated to make water evaporation happen.

It is a great type of sugar which has tons of nutrients. Expect to find zinc, iron, and calcium inside coconut sugar.

Golden Syrup

Golden syrup is a kind of inverted sugar syrup. It is a really popular sweetener among pastry chefs. Did you know that it can be used to slow down the crystallization process in foods such as toffee and ice cream fudge?

The texture is also really similar to honey – they are both sweet flavors. So, it makes for a great alternative to agave nectar.

Main difference is that agave nectar is more fructose. On the other hand, the golden syrup has a combination of both fructose and glucose. This means that you will need to add in more golden syrup to make it taste equally as sweet as agave nectar.

Rice Syrup

Rice syrup, also known as brown rice syrup, originates from China. It is produced using brown rice. The process to make rice syrup involves using an enzymic treatment that is thickened to produce this sweet syrup.

For those who have not tried it, definitely give it a shot! It is a more healthy version of a sweetener since it has low levels of fructose but high levels of glucose. (Fructose can be more harmful than glucose which can increase the risk of obesity for example).

One thing to note is that the glycemic index is high. Also, the calories found in rice syrup are usually double compared to regular white sugar.

However, it is not as sweet as agave nectar. So, you will need to add double the dose to achieve the same sweetness compared to agave nectar.

Maple Syrup 

Maple syrup is a liquid sugar that I know very well of. I have been living in Canada since 2007, so, this is the type of sweetener that I have grown to love and enjoy.

I will use maple syrup everytime I eat pancakes or waffles. The strong flavors found in maple syrup will just engance the flavors of whatever food you put it on.

A liquid sugar that we all know and love, maple syrup is a staple in the cupboards of many homes across the world. Maple syrup has a much stronger flavor profile than agave nectar, and you should bear this in mind when choosing a substitute. 

Do not use too much maple syrup when wanting to use as a replacement for agave nectar. It is very sweet but tasty!

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses is a byproduct of sugar cane. The juices for Blackstrap Molasses has been extracted from sugar cane itself and then boiled to cleanse it from any impurities.

The molasses will then be produced after it is boiled again for the second time. A third boil will give a final result of a thick and dark colored liquid – called the Blackstrap Molasses.

This agave nectar substitute has very low sugar levels but is full of nutrients, making it a great sugar alternative for those who do not want food to be too sweet.

It also has great nutrients such as calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Corn Syrup

Corn Syrup is a liquid sweetener made from the corn itself. It will give food a softer texture while enhancing the flavors at the same time.

Corn Syrup is more processed compared to regular high-fructose corn syrup – so it is not exactly the healthiest option.

However, they are a cheap option compared to agave nectars.

Final Thoughts

Agave nectar is very good for those who have a sweet tooth and loves a taste similar to honey. It has a mild flavor which is ideal for those who do not like something that is too sweet.

The color of agave nectar can vary from light gold to a deep to a dark amber color. Just know that the darker the agave nectar, the more it will taste like the beloved honey.

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