What is Rib Meat in Chicken

What is Rib Meat in Chicken?

What is rib meat in chicken? If you have ever come across the term rib beef in relation to chicken breast, you may be very confused.What is rib beef? What is it used for and what does it taste like? What is chicken ribs? Belly is primarily breast meat, but simply refers to the fact…

What To Do With Leftover French Toast Batter

What To Do With Leftover French Toast Batter

What to do with leftover french toast batter? This article will tell you all about it so just read on and learn all about it! French toast is a lovely kind of savory. So it would make sense to want to learn how to reheat and eat them again. At The Average Cook, we always…

How to Defrost Bacon

How to Defrost Bacon? Best Way To Do It

How to Defrost Bacon? This is a question that will change your cooking experience if you love eating bacon. The best way to make things easy for yourself is to first separate the amount of bacon you intend on eating in blocks. For example, if you plan on eating 3 to 4 pieces of bacon…

how to cut shallots

How to Cut Shallots

How to Cut Shallots? This is a cooking process that everyone and anyone should learn how to do if they are serious about cooking. Shallots are a wonderful onion with a milder flavor than their yellow, sweet onion cousins. These delicious onions are oblong in shape and usually smaller than yellow onions. It’s like a…

how to reheat muffins

How To Reheat Muffins? The Best Way To Do It

How to reheat muffins? It’s actually really simple! There are many ways to reheat muffins, especially if you have access to a proper kitchen. You could use the traditional oven, air fryer, stove, or even the microwave. Each method will result in the muffin having a different taste to it. What is the best way…

air fryer frozen chicken breast

Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Breast – What’s The Best Way To Cook?

In today’s world where everyone is looking for things to be instant, an air fryer is a great option for someone who likes to do the minimal amount of cooking work. By using the Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Breast method, you can easily cook a delicious meal with just a few minutes of prepping time….

Accidentally Left Gas Stove On Without Flame

Accidentally Left Gas Stove On Without Flame – What Now?

What happens when you Accidentally Left Gas Stove On Without Flame? While you may think that this is something you won’t ever do, it can certainly happen to anyone. A few months ago, I was baking some chicken and only turned off the timer when the stove timer went off. I totally forgot to shut…

5 Spice Substitute

5 Spice Substitute: What Are The Best Alternatives?

Do you like 5 spice but are looking for some alternatives? Well, you have come to the right place to find the best 5 spice substitutes out in the market. Five-spice is a type of powder that is popular in Asian cuisine. It is very flavorful and considered one of the main ingredients for marinades….

are strawberries acidic

Are Strawberries Acidic – The Ultimate Guide

Are strawberries acidic? The short answer is yes, they are. But how acidic are they? When strawberries start to ripen, the sugar level in them will increase from 5% up to as high as 9%. The reason why it is so acidic is because of the acid levels that are found in citric acid 88%….

agave syrup substitute

Agave Nectar Substitute : Our Top 7 List

What are some agave nectar substitutes? There is plenty of agave syrup substitute that the market has to offer. Some are better than others. Since it is a liquid sweetener, they are often used as a vegan substitute for honey. Just remember that these substitutes will not have the same levels of sugar content. This…