Chicken Pad Thai Calories

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  • Date: January 29, 2023
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Do you know want to know the chicken pad thai calories? Well, this article will tell you all about it!

We won’t waste any time so let’s get right into it.

According to Healthline, prepackaged pad thai with white chicken meat (311 g) provides the following nutrients ( 1 ): Calories: 429 calories. Carbohydrate: 82 g (29% of the Daily Value) Fiber: 4.04 g.

Now, let The Average Cook go over some other common questions surrounding chicken pad Thai and its calories.

Chicken Pad Thai Calories Overview

You know that the average Chicken Pad Thai Calories is 429. However, how about the restaurant pad thai?

Pad Thai in a restaurant will be around 300 to 400 calories a cup. This also depends on the restaurant because some entrees may even be 3x the number of calories!

Is Chicken Pad Thai healthy for you?

The ingredients in Pad Thai are generally pretty healthy, but the calories add up quickly. Just 1 cup of a typical Pad Thai contains about 400 calories, 17 grams of fat and lots of sodium.

To compensate for that, I always order an extra steamed vegetable to mix it up.

How many calories are in a pad thai takeaway?

chicken pad thai calories info

Pad Thai with chicken takeaway has about 300 calories per cup and Massaman curry with chicken and vegetables has about 180 calories per cup (excluding rice and noodles).

Why is Pad Thai so high in calories?

Pad Thai is a very unhealthy dish, consisting mainly of carbohydrates from noodles and fat from peanuts, which tends to increase the calorie content, making it not ideal for fitness, it contains up to 838 calories at 45 grams of fat, 46 grams of carbohydrates and 64 grams of protein.

The calories are even higher if you add more protein such as chicken.

Is pad Thai healthier than pho?

One serving of pho contains 450 calories. Pad Thai (per serving) has 1,131 calories. Regarding calories, pho has the lowest calorie content compared to pad Thai.

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Is Thai food healthy or unhealthy?

Thai food is very healthy given the wide variety of protein-based dishes and the use of spices to add flavour without adding extra calories.

Thai food is prepared the right way As far as weight loss goes.

Final Thoughts on Chicken Pad Thai Calories

You now know more about chicken pad Thai and how many calories it has! Hopefully, this helps you in your decision on whether you should eat chicken pad thai.

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