Does Gum Expire

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Does Gum Expire? It’s a common question with a not so simple answer. While gum does have an expiration date, it isn’t necessarily unsafe to chew after that date has passed.

Gum is made of sugar, which can start to harden and lose its flavor over time. However, as long as the gum is still flexible and has some flavor, it should be safe to chew. If the gum is hard and has lost all flavor, it’s best to throw it away.

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What Happens If You Chew Gum Past Its Expiration Date?

Nothing “bad” will actually happen if you chew gum past its expiration date. You may just get a bad case of diarrhea for a couple of days if you have a weak tummy.

When something is “expired,” this basically means it is no longer safe to consume past the date. Sometimes, it can also mean that it s best before the expired date.

Expired gum will start to lose its taste, it will also start to go stale and not chewy anymore.

The dangerous part about chewing gum, in general, is if you swallow it by accident. You never want to do that because it can actually block your intestines!

Chewing gum is made to be chewed, not to be swallowed.

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Typical Shelf Life of Chewing Gum

Usually, you will be able to see how long the gum would last before it expires by looking at its label. However, did you know that gum is not required by law to have an expiration date in most countries? This is because gum has low moisture content.

If you store it in a cool and dark place, it may last even longer! The typical shelf life is usually about two years though.

Like buying anything, the key is not to buy too much at once. This will ensure you are able to finish your gum before it expires.


Now, you have learned all about if gum expires. This is only a good rule to follow.

If you just bought gum a couple of months ago but see some discoloration on the gum, it may be wise to throw it out and buy a new pack.

Sometimes, the gum may expire or go bad for unknown reasons faster than expected!

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