How to Cook Soft Shell Crab

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How to Cook Soft Shell Crab? Now that you’ve purchased your soft shell crabs and they are all drained of liquid, it’s time to start cooking!

When I was growing up, eating soft shell crabs was something I do every now and then with my family. I live close to the sea where crabs were readily available, so you can say that I was blessed in this aspect.

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Step by Step to Cooking Soft Shell Crabs

Cut up an onion and some garlic cloves and sauté them in butter for about ten minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Once the onions and garlic are finished, pour them over the crabs so each one is covered with a layer.

Now it’s time to fry them! Cover a large pan with oil and heat it up. Fry the crabs for four minutes on each side or until they turn golden brown.

Serve immediately and enjoy! Don’t forget to include the garlic cloves and butter in the dish when you serve it, as they make great toppings.

How to Cook Soft Shell Crab video

Do you eat the entire soft shell crab?

Eating the entire soft shell of a crab is not a common thing to do. However, if that is your thing, by all means, go for it!

For myself, I only like to eat the meaty part of the crab and not the entire thing. But everyone has their own preference regarding this.

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What part of the crab is poisonous to eat?

This is an important one to remember. Try not to eat the ovaries and tummy of the crab. These are the most toxic sections of a crab and you want to avoid them at all costs.

Crab guts are considered toxic.

How to Cook Soft Shell Crab

Can you soak soft shell crabs in milk

You certainly can do this! In fact, it will actually help plump the crabs up while you cook them. 

This will also result in an enhanced flavor as the milk is mixed together with the crab, resulting in a more crispy crab for you to enjoy.

Do you have to clean softshell crabs before cooking?

This is generally a good idea (but it is not necessary).

Why? This is because softshell crabs have tiny bits of shells here and there. If you don’t clean them before cooking, your dish will be full of these small bits that will damage your teeth.

Always clean your crabs before cooking them.

What goes along with soft shell crab?

There are many types of food that will pair up nicely with softshell crabs.

Examples include potatoes, cobs, and even spaghetti!

Is the yellow stuff in crabs’ poop?

The yellow stuff you see in crab is indeed poop. The reason it is yellow is because of the photoreceptive cells that all crabs have.

This is what will give them the ability to change colors quickly in the event of danger.

Can you steam soft shell crab?

Definitely! In fact, steaming soft shell crabs are getting more popular as more people start trying them. All you need to do is add some salt to the crab before tying it together.

Then, you want to place the crabs inside a heatproof bowl that is covered in buttered paper.

Now, you can steam the crab for 10 minutes and enjoy the meatiness and goodness inside.


This article has taught you all you need to know about How to Cook Soft Shell Crab. Now, take these skills and try it out for yourself in the real world!

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