How to Cut Shallots

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How to Cut Shallots? This is a cooking process that everyone and anyone should learn how to do if they are serious about cooking.

Shallots are a wonderful onion with a milder flavor than their yellow, sweet onion cousins. These delicious onions are oblong in shape and usually smaller than yellow onions.

It’s like a clove, not a separate one like a red onion. Peel it like a garlic clove. Choose shallots that are firm to the touch and not mushy.

At The Average Cook, we will go over the best way of how to cut shallots. Read on to learn more!

What is a shallot?

A shallot is an onion. It has a milder flavor than its cousin. It is very popular in French cuisine and is used in all kinds of bread sauces. If you want to substitute shallots, use yellow onions.

6 Easy Steps for Slicing Shallots

There are two different ways to slice these shallots. Most people end up dicing shallots. Finely diced shallots are very common in pan sauces and dishes served with finely diced onions.

Slicing shallots are also described. By doing this, you can get pieces that are slightly larger than a cube. Nor can you cut it in half to make a really cool shallot ring.

Check out this video on How to cut shallots! I actually learned how to cut shallots myself after watching this video:


1 – Cut off the stem ends

Cut off the ends of the shallots. Leave the root ends so that when you cut everything will remain intact. It is OK to cut off a little part of the root so that it is easy to peel.

2 – Peel off

These little guys can be sensitive. I want to peel the shallot without damaging it. Slice it very finely with a paring knife so you can put something underneath.

In some cases, claws can work without a knife.

Tip: Soaking shallots in lukewarm water helps with peeling. Soak them for about 1/2 hour, then slice according to the directions below.

3 – Cut in half

I’m just trying to cut the shallot all the way down to the root. Now it’s ready for dicing and slicing.

4 – Cut towards the root

With a sharp knife, cuts should be made towards the base. Cut the onion slices into the desired width. I like him to cut in the 1/8 inch range. Keep your fingers out of the way during this step. Hold the slice just short of the root. You don’t want to cut the shallots all the way through because you have something to keep the shallots intact when you cut them into chunks in the next step.

5 – Slice the shallot

Now you are ready to cut them into pieces. Go ahead and cut it in the opposite direction to the size you made in the last step.

This will give you perfect diced onions. If you want it even smaller, put your hand on the edge of the knife and move it back and forth to chop it with the bottom edge of the knife.

Final Thoughts on how to cut shallots

Learning how to cut shallots can really improve the dishes you cook in the kitchen. Hopefully, you learned a thing or two from this how-to article.


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